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Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Fashion Pick: "Lolita Fashion"

As an anime otaku myself, i am very accustomed to all things Japanese, and that includes Japanese Lolita Fashion. Ever-since i was a kid, i am really fascinated on how anime characters are so kawaii in their Lolita costumes. But back then, i didn't know that it was called Lolita Fashion, it was when Cosplay became known to the otaku culture and to the world. And that didn't stop there, when i started to watch Kawaii International, that's when i became a fan of Lolita Fashion.

Some people may have misconception about this, but i think that Lolita fashion is all about modesty and being cute and meant to look like a doll.

Of course, there are different style of Lolita Fashion, and you can all find them at Tidebuy. So if you're interested in this kind of fashion, i recommend to get your fix there :)

So what do you think of Lolita Fashion guys?
Comments are loved :)
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Blogger Mail!

(dress: here, shoes: here, necklace: here)

Hello lovely friends! So earlier, i received a text from the Post Office and DHL saying that i have a mail! After reading the text message, i was all out excited, but before heading out to the post office, i went to my friends house. And just like that, i got my package and the DHL just dropped it to our house. 

When i opened the packages, i was literally jumping up and down and made baby noises (lol jk). But i was just too excited, you can't blame me because these stuff are just so purdy! So i got this Vintage Jacquard A-line Dress from my all-time favorite store, this Platform Spring Fall Shoes from, and this very cute Vintage Big Leaf Pendant Necklace from I have so many ideas on how to wear and style these stuff and i can't wait to show my ootd's to all of you lovely friends <3

Anyway, have you read my review about the purse i got from
If not, click here to directed ^___^
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chic Purse from India Circus

First of all, i would like to give a big thanks to India Circus for sending this chic purse for me to review and experience first hand. India Circus is an India-based online store which offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated, and affordable style for various areas of your life, from home decors to personal accessories. 

I was really happy when they contacted me and asked me if i could select a product from their store. So without hesitation i immediately went over to their site, went to their Facebook page, just so i could check if they really are walking their talk and lived what they claim to be. And im glad i did, because i found out that they really are one of the most trusted online store with the most high quality products.

Anyway, shout out to India Circus team, for being so patient with me. I received this purse for quite awhile now but i failed to make a review a lot sooner, good thing they reminded me about it :)

This is the purse im talkin about. I seriously love how perfectly detailed it is, with all the patterns and all the splash of colors. Definitely speaks India right? And most of all definitely not boring. #fashown

The signature of their brand. India Circus by Krsna Mehta

Lets take a peek shall we?

So when you open this, my face will be the first thing to see. lol!
Okay, i already used this for quite a while now and i have to say that i loved it!

Look closely how the detailed and accurate the stitches are.

Very convenient, i put my money and coins there. Neat!

And it does have a lot of card holders. So you'll have plenty of room for your cards!

So if you're looking for more designs like these, you can check their site or like their facebook page
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Crocheted Compliments

Hello lovely readers! How are you? I hope you're all fine because im fantastic! I don't know what gets me into a good mood these past few days, but i just feel that im at my best this year. No, im not talking about achievements and stuff, but from my well being... i feel good. I feel good about myself. The funny and cute thing is that, I got a lot of compliments from people im not closed with. And i rarely get compliments from people, so that really puts a smile on my face. 

The most important things i learned in blogging, are self-worth and not caring about what other people think of me. So in that statement, wearing this White Short Sleeve Floral Crochet Dress, is something im proud of. Not because its flaunting, but because i finally have the guts to wear pieces like this. I know im not skinny and i don't have the perfect curve, but that wont stop me from wearing gorgeous pieces like this. 

This White Short Sleeve Floral Crochet Dress from is very sophisticated yet so chic. I really love the cut in the back and the details of it. When i finally received it, i got a little worried because i thought it was too small for me, but when i tried it on, it fits perfectly. And i really love how it hugs my body and gives me a curvy shape.

Check the details of this dress.

I really really love the cut in the back, it reminds me of a romantic summer for some reason. And who doesn't love lace? And this dress speaks versatility. because you can wear it in a casual or formal event, it just depends on how you style it. And in my case, i chose to style this minimal way, because i let the dress speaks for itself without having to put on unnecessary jewelries. 

See? I only wear earrings. And it compliments the dress, look at the connected flowers :)

And i finished off this look by wearing studded heels.

What do you think of this look guys? Comments are loved :)

(Dress:, Shoes and Earrings: Follie)
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stripes and Promises

Since i finished my OJT, i made a promise to be a better a version of myself. And that includes waking up early, getting back to my healthy diet and of course sleeping early in the evening. But so far, im not doing great ╥﹏╥ In fact, i never started those yet. It's just that when i get caught up in a moment where im doing something enjoyable, i tend to forget (purposely) the task i assigned to myself. And lately, im so uninspired to get things done, like people need to push my ass off to get me moving. Yes, laziness becomes me.

Though this is really poor thing to say, but i hope that id be inspired so that i can do the things i set for myself. AJA!!!

Decided to sport this look because i can. lol!
I always love girly outfits because it makes me feel young. But i wonder if i do look young. Do i?

You know me guys, my outfit would not be complete if i dont have a jewelry hanging in my neck. This Copper Retro Necklace is from Born Pretty Store, this reminds me a lot of Cleopatra. I love how simple this is but definitely brings out elegance and style in a minimalist way, and only those with keen eyes would know.

Use my discount code SRAT10 to get 10% off when you shop at Born Pretty Store.

And because i feel so hot, not hot hot kind of hot okay. I decided to take off my Long Sleeve Blazer from Rosegal. Not to show off my Cutout Sleeve Tee but because i feel really hot!!! lol! Anyway, i like how i looked with my blazers on, because i looked so modest, and modesty is just so hard to find.

(Top: OASAP, blazer: Rosegal, Necklace: Born Pretty Store, Bag: Dresslily, Skirt & Shoes: DM)

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Burning Red

Use my discount code SRAT10 to get 10% off when you shop at Born Pretty Store.

Since the first time i saw this Pleated Round Neckline Dress from TBdress, which you can check it here. I immediately fell inlove with it, not just because of its Burning Red Color but because it was modeled by the one and only Cara Delevingne. When i tried this dress on, my parents comments were "You look good in that dress." so its definitely a Parent Approved Dress. Also, it's not really that short, it falls exactly into your knees, showing just enough skin. By wearing this dress alone, i could be a head turner, but i just can't go on, without a statement necklace.

This Gold Hollow Lace Rhinestone Necklace is from my all time favorite Born Pretty Store, which you can visit here. This necklace is light in weight and very pretty, and you know me guys, i have a knack of pretty and cute things. So when my eyes landed on this pretty stuff, my immediate thought was. "I have to get this!" And im glad i did because it toned down my heavy burning red dress and love the green rhinestone in it :)

Anyway guys, if you shop at Born Pretty Store, you can use my discount code SRAT10 and it will give you 10% off from all your purchase, and they offer free shipping too worldwide without minimum prize, isn't it amazing? You know, I have been wearing their jewelries for quite a while now, actually they are the first brand i worked since i first started blogging. You can visit some of my looks here featuring their jewelries.
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Little Changes

This blog has been running for almost a year now, and as i looked back and revisited my old blog posts, i realized that what my blog is becoming was not what i wanted for my blog to be. At first, i really wanted this blog to be as personal as i can, but nowadays, this blog has been nothing, just a mere space, running without a soul. The only thing that's interesting in it are my ootd's, but i wonder if my ootd's are interesting enough. That's why i always try to incorporate some bland and shallow story to somehow get contents. I know im such a shame, and i admit that.

But before this blog turns 1, i wanna change some stuff i usually do when i post. Like, if i post about my ootd, then ill be talking about my ootd's. You know, it's kinda hard to explain why im wearing this and that, it's quite challenging since i don't know a lot of fashion language and rules and all that stuff. And i rarely read fashion magazines because im saving my money to buy myself some cool stuff. And god knows how much i love fashion, it's my second love.

Then, i'll be separating my life's little story in another post, i will not squeeze it in my ootd's. I know that my life isn't that interesting but i will try to make some quality contents in it. Every time i read a post about life/self, most of the bloggers sounds like they got it together, but in my case, i wont try to be one. Because i want to learn it with all of you by my side (cheesy i know!). Because just like you, im just an average girl.

I have a lot of faves in my life, be it a newly discovered song from a band, anime i wanna watch or manga i wanna read or movie that i recently watched. But beware, because in terms of these, im not really updated, 'cause i tend to go back to stuff that's really into my taste. Also ill show you guys my geeky side, ill be talking about the vast expanse of the universe! And no, it's not a joke because we introverts gets lonely if we don't have someone to share our new discoveries. Well, its not really "our" discovery, but what we learned on our own. 

Cooking is my third love, so i shall get my hands dirty on that one. Since i love to cook and i just dont know how. I really need to teach myself because im 20 and i barely know how to cook. Ahhhh im such a shame, i can't even!

So yeah, ill be making a lot of changes in my blog, ill be adding more varieties. It'll be more personal yet so relatable. After all, im just your average girl, who happens to love geeky stuff *ahem cosmos ahem* and fashion. So leaving you with this lots of gif's, i hope you find them funny because i do! i do!

Disclaimer: All GIF's are from tumblr.
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